Rewards & Recognition Gala 2017

Safety Award

Gala Winner

  • Initiated, designed, presented, implemented and promoted the new Fire Prevention Program.
  • Collaborated with Stations, the Fire Prevention team, Operations and the Service Delivery Group.
  • Organized training for Service Delivery staff and Operations employees.
  • Implementation of program system-wide has allowed for improved safety to customers and employees.

Spring 2016 Finalists

Fall 2016 Finalists

Flobell Asaba Ndesan - Duty Station Manager, Stations

This award recognizes employees who consistently exemplify an extraordinary commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering a safe, public transit service to its customers, while maintaining a safe work environment for its employees. Adjudication Committee: Chief Safety Officer John O’Grady, Chief Capital Officer Susan Reed Tanaka and Acting Chief Operating Officer Mike Palmer.

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