Rewards and Recognition June 24, 2016 Winners


Recognizes employees who model and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities and behaviours.


Giovanni Auciello – Operator – Malvern, Service Delivery, Bus Transportation
Keriann Craddock – Route Supervisor, Service Delivery, Bus Transportation
Paul Cristovao – General Day Clerk, Service Delivery, Streetcar Transportation
Tony Curcio – Track Mechanic, Operations, Streetcar
Scott Dixon – Manager – Bus Maintenance, Operations, Bus Maintenance and Shops
Ralph Mancini – Foreperson – Surface Track, Operations, Streetcar
Seyed Mohammadian Masooly – Track QA Engineer, Operations, Subway Infrastructure
Josie Panetta – Senior Instructor, CEO’s Office, Human Resources
Amanda Sonier – Safety Consultant, Operations, Subway Transportation

Adjudication Committee

Vince Rodo – Chief Financial and Administration Officer
Gemma Piemontese – Chief People Officer
Joan Taylor – Chief of Staff

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