Rewards & Recognition Fall 2018

Innovation & Creativity Awards

  • Richard took the initiative to investigate a growing rate of SRT technical issues, causing delays to service. After an exhaustive review, he discovered a signals problem.
  • He implemented a solution that eliminated the root of the problem, leading to improved service for customers. 
  • Richard is a major contributor to the ongoing success of the SRT and is widely acknowledged as the go-to person in his group. He also serves as a key link between the TTC and other transit authorities across North America regarding maintenance practices and the sourcing of parts and materials.
  • Kevin updated the street centre-line map by carrying out a survey for 10,000 stops when he realized the transit stop locations were inaccurate. He conducted research to identify the most appropriate technology to collect the data. Kevin then used his mobile phone to test the technology, which was uploaded to the TTC system.
  • This accuracy was required for the new Vision software to provide arrival and departure times. Kevin worked closely with IT Services and developed a mobile GIS data collection solution, which allows the data surveyors to collect information in real time.
  • Kevin’s work has advanced the TTC’s technology to improve stop information and customer service.
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