Rewards & Recognition Fall 2018

Safety Awards

  • Carmine and Mark are responsible for servicing, maintaining and repairing over 300 escalators, which are comprised of multiple designs from six different companies.
  • They came up with an innovative solution to a gearbox problem, which has been shared with all Escalator Mechanics to provide a safer way to service the gearboxes.
  • Both Carmine and Mark regularly attend safety talks and actively participate in workplace safety meetings and discussions. By taking the initiative to develop a solution to the gearbox issue, they provided a safer work environment for their colleagues.
  • Maria has initiated the development of several high-profile programs in subway track level safety. She has also redesigned the Subway/SRT Rule Book programs to include more hands-on activities.
  • She has worked tirelessly to ensure all stakeholders have been consulted, their needs identified and their concerns addressed, resulting in a complete paradigm shift in the development and delivery of safety training.
  • Maria’s positive attitude, dedication, enthusiasm and approach are contagious and she embodies the safety culture that the TTC seeks to foster Commission-wide.
  • Osama receives a large number of video requests for verification of personal injury claims that occur onboard TTC vehicles.
  • When he noticed a reoccurrence of incidents with a similar pattern of injuries, the details were shared with Streetcar management. Safety messaging and coaching were then provided to Operators to avoid similar incidents from happening.
  • Osama‚Äôs observations and actions have led to improvements in safety for customers. He has set an example for other employees to take action in order to identify potential issues.
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