Rewards & Recognition Fall 2018

Leadership Award

  • Mario has taken on the role of both Slip Clerk and Time Clerk, although these are usually two different positions for the group size he handles. He makes pay adjustments at Queensway Division for more than 500 Operators while building the spare board, manages approved leaves of absence, floater and vacation days.
  • He has a positive attitude, teaches and mentors the other Clerks and is a resource to clerical staff division-wide.
  • Mario has helped with the modernization of clerical processes to create a seamless transition with various upgrades. He is a team player and genuinely cares about the people he works with as well as the organization as a whole.
  • Steven has made himself available at all times to assist employees with learning the garage processes.
  • He leads by example and recognizes individuals’ abilities, coaching them in manageable stages. He also encourages staff to listen to the concerns of others and address issues through open communications, leading to an improvement in morale at Mount Dennis Garage.
  • Steven has introduced a method of repairing and maintaining the bus fleet that has increased efficiencies. He makes decisions and provides direction that is in the best interest of the company and recognizes the success and accomplishments of his employees.
  • Ed comes in to work early on a regular basis and stays late to ensure tasks are completed without expecting additional compensation.
  • He demonstrates his leadership skills through his constant efforts to assist and guide his fellow Instructors, ensuring all training delivered meets ministry and industry standards.
  • Ed’s dedication in his role has led to improvements in training standards, which impact the department directly. He is an inspiration to staff, has a positive attitude and a willingness to help others.
  • Dave initiated the Automatic Train Control training and went above and beyond to ensure all employees involved were familiarized and comfortable with the new signalling system.
  • During his 41 years at the TTC, he has never lost his enthusiasm or passion to see his colleagues succeed and his actions have had a significant impact on employees Commission-wide. He is a true leader and takes the initiative to drop by each division to engage employees.
  • Dave is proactive in his approach and always seeks feedback by communicating with his colleagues. He is an exceptional employee and instills a sense of pride and professionalism in all who cross his path.
  • Pamela took the initiative to pursue the process of obtaining a Municipal Capital Facility designation for the TTC, resulting in a tax exemption of $2 million annually. To ensure approval, she undertook a review of requirements and created a detailed report to Council demonstrating eligibility.
  • She has routinely encouraged her team to identify opportunities for cost savings, which have saved the TTC millions of dollars. The savings that Pamela has helped generate have ensured funds are available for critical needs elsewhere within the organization.
  • Pamela’s positive attitude and commitment to the organization are infectious and she regularly provides creative and efficient ways to address challenges.
  • Annette is always looking for ways to improve her section by taking constructive feedback and putting it into action.
  • She anticipates the needs of the team and instead of waiting for issues to arise she has already thought things through to take action.
  • Annette has directed the rollout of new processes and templates for her section in order to improve efficiencies. She motivates and inspires her employees and helps them achieve their goals.
  • Kyle’s level of dedication exceeds expectations as he consistently takes on additional responsibilities. He is proactive, efficient and productive and has raised the standards within his workplace.
  • He leads by example and brings a wealth of knowledge to his team by mentoring his employees. He holds regular meetings with staff to discuss their professional goals and schedules after work team gatherings for the group to socialize and take part in team building activities.
  • Kyle promotes a professional and friendly work environment and is appreciative of his staff, resulting in increased team morale. He treats everyone with dignity and respect.
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