Rewards & Recognition Spring 2018

Customer Service Awards

  • Joe consistently displays a keen awareness of how his efforts affect the customer experience. He is an inspiration to his peers and is committed to provide safe and reliable service.
  • He initiates solutions with his Forepersons in response to issues regarding safety and housekeeping.
  • Joe seeks feedback on the quality and progress of his work, contributing to improved results and serves as a benchmark of excellence and customer service. He inspires others to achieve their full potential.
  • Caressa has wonderful people skills and is very polite with customers.
  • One example of her excellent customer service was when she ensured a customer had an alternate Wheel-Trans pickup when their bus broke down.
  • Caressa’s words and actions have an impact on her customers and her team. She treats others with respect and dignity and is a true professional at all times.
  • Jose was working at Sheppard Station when a homeless male customer was distraught after losing his bags.
  • He spoke with the customer in a calm manner and was able to help him settle down until a Supervisor arrived. Jose located the bags and returned them to the customer.
  • Jose always treats customers with respect and assists in any way he can. In this particular instance, he went above and beyond expectations in helping the customer.
  • Diana took control of a phone call placed to Wheel- Trans Dispatch Centre from a hysterical customer who was in a state of panic.
  • She remained calm and found a way to connect with the customer by asking her questions to comfort her. In a few short minutes, Diana built a rapport with the customer, who then followed her detailed instructions, potentially preventing a serious incident.
  • Diana is constantly seeking ways to improve processes and always goes above and beyond to ensure excellent customer service.
  • Patricia consistently provides outstanding frontline customer service. She has received over 50 commendations to date.
  • One example was for when she helped a customer with a wheelchair out of the snow and lifted her onto the bus so she could get home safely.
  • Patricia’s impact is clearly demonstrated by the commendations she has received. She shows a genuine commitment to providing excellent customer service and is an ambassador for the TTC.
  • Frank was performing his Track Patroller duties when a distraught female approached him at Islington Station and stated she was planning to harm herself.
  • He guided her away from the platform to the mezzanine level, where he offered to buy her a beverage and sit to talk with her. The female was grateful and complied.
  • Frank then contacted Transit Control to explain the situation and stayed with the female until emergency services arrived. The impact of his actions potentially saved the life of a customer and he regularly shows exemplary interactions with the public in various situations.
  • Paul makes it his duty as a Station Collector to personally greet every customer who walks through his crash gate, acknowledging all  with a greeting. With his positive attitude, he has created a fun loving yet professional work environment.
  • When Paul is off duty, he is asked for by customers. He has received numerous commendations and his absence changes the work environment as he spreads positivity when he is at work.
  • Paul remembers the names of many of his customers and greets people with a smile. He is always quick to assist others and has a strong desire to raise the bar for the TTC’s standard of customer service.
  • Umang and Jonathan demonstrated great teamwork in providing excellent customer service when they worked together to ensure a seven-year-old boy was safely reunited with his school after he took the wrong bus.
  • Jonathan noticed the boy got on his bus and was travelling alone. Once he ascertained the boy was on the wrong bus, he called into the Operations Control Centre and a decision was made by Umang to take the boy directly to school. 
  • Jonathan walked the boy to his class and ensured his father was notified that his son was safe. Both employees demonstrated how valuable the TTC is to the city of Toronto in providing excellent customer service and ensuring the safety and well-being of our customers.
  • Cassandra was operating the Sheppard West night bus when she observed three young women outside not dressed properly for the cold weather. She stopped the bus to find out if they were alright and offered them shelter as it turned out they had been robbed and were stranded.
  • The three females were able to make it home safely thanks to Cassandra, whose keen observation and actions prevented any further harm.
  • Cassandra’s caring attitude and prompt decisive actions demonstrate her genuine commitment to providing excellent customer service as an ambassador for the TTC.
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