Rewards & Recognition Spring 2018

Safety Awards

  • Derek was waiting at a bus stop at 5 a.m. with three other employees when they were approached by an intoxicated individual who tried to start a fight. His colleague was punched by the instigator, who then pulled out a knife.
  • Derek grabbed the suspect and pinned him to the ground, preventing any serious injury to his co-workers. The suspect was arrested and it was later discovered that he had attempted to rob someone earlier the same morning.
  • After the incident, Derek went on to identify and share ways for employees and customers to avoid similar situations.
  • Gajanth encountered a customer who appeared to be in distress. He approached the customer and was able to convince them to rethink their actions.
    His kindness helped to potentially save a life. He took the initiative to assist the customer, using his training to talk them down with genuine empathy. 
  • Gajanth is a team player with a positive attitude and excellent work ethic.
  • Christopher was with a group of employees when they were approached by an intoxicated individual who started to threaten their female friend.
  • He stepped between the suspect and female TTC employee and de-escalated the situation when the individual took out a knife.
  • Christopher’s calm, professional behaviour mitigated the situation until police arrived. He was then able to provide suggestions on how to prevent similar situations in the future to help other TTC employees.
  • Louise went above and beyond when she helped to calm a female customer who was in emotional distress at Bloor Station.
  • Louise recovered a knife from the female, ensuring the safety of everyone in the busy subway station. She then remained with the customer until police and paramedics arrived, staying by her side while the woman was evaluated.
  • Louise fosters a culture of health and safety at the TTC by taking her time to mentor new Supervisors in best practices and by debriefing after incidents involving safety, to allow for a culture of constant improvement.
  • Clifford observed a young boy travelling alone and could tell that something was wrong. He was able to ascertain that the 12-year old boy didn’t know where he was going.
  • He followed the proper procedures and called Transit Control, who notified police. As it turned out, the boy had been missing for eight hours and his parents had filed a report.
  • Because of Clifford taking action and calling Transit Control, the boy was reunited with his caregivers. He went above and beyond his basic responsibilities to ensure a member of the public was safe.
  • Constables Moskowitz and Mahoney were dispatched to Bloor-Yonge Station for a report of power failure at track level for unknown reasons. When they attended, they found the panels to the power cut stations were broken. Before having power restored, they requested video services to review CCTV footage of the platform to verify that the tracks were clear.
  • When video services verified an individual had gone to track level and had not returned to the platform, the Constables located a male laying across the tracks between stations. They spoke with the male and apprehended him under the Mental Health Act and took him to a nearby hospital where he was treated.
  • Jacob and David used their instinct and training to save a man’s life. They prevented a delay and investigation into TTC services.
  • George pulled a pedestrian to safety, when they were almost hit by a car sliding on ice. The poor road conditions that day resulted in a total of 9 collisions at Jane and Wilson alone.
    If not for his actions, the pedestrian could have been seriously injured, as the car was unable to stop due to icy conditions.
  • George continued to monitor traffic until police arrived on scene. His constant monitoring of the intersection prevented other potential accidents and demonstrated his commitment to safety.
  • When a female at track level was spotted near Warden Station, Dan opened his window to speak with her at track level, confirming she was in distress.
  • Once power was cut he asked her to board the train. He offered her a bottle of water and sat with her until station supervisors and constables were there to assist.
  • Dan’s actions reduced a service delay and more importantly prevented a potentially fatal incident. Dan regularly goes above and beyond to help others and consistently demonstrates a commitment to health and safety.
  • Jim initiated the Nova Summit, an open forum for JHSC members from Bus Transportation to discuss and investigate solutions to issues regarding the Nova bus.
  • As a result of his openness to work with all stakeholders, the engineers announced a fundamental design change to the Nova bus sight lines.
  • Jim provided a forum for Operators to develop potential solutions for the workforce. His inclusion of employees at all levels has led to design changes that will impact visibility and safety for employees and customers.
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