Rewards & Recognition Spring 2018

Leadership Award

  • Renae has become an integral part of the Portfolio Management Office team as a Change Management Consultant and has worked to support the implementation of the new Project Management Plan.
  • She is committed to support her group and has helped to create a positive team dynamic that has developed and flourished.
  • Renae puts her heart and soul into doing her job right and inspires others to excel. She treats all team members with respect and is committed to the success of the group.
  • Mario demonstrated his experience and skills when he designed anchor bases to align tracks with the Jaws of Life machine.
  • He consistently demonstrates a positive attitude and patience through his leadership within the organization.
  • Mario inspires others to work safely and responsibly. Even when dealing with challenging situations, he demonstrates a high level of patience and leadership.
  • Michelle was off duty at home when a collision occurred involving a TTC bus and a private vehicle. Seven people, including a TTC Operator, were transported to the hospital.
  • She didn’t hesitate and left home to assist immediately on her own time. Michelle comforted the Operator who was in shock, took the information of the witnesses and took photos of the damage.
  • Michelle’s quick actions demonstrated leadership qualities as she took initiative and demonstrated that she cares about customers her fellow employees.
  • Marcela is involved with the recreation association at Russell Division and ensures her work environment is enjoyable for employees.
  • She has a positive impact on the people she works with and helps to raise money for TTC’s recreational activities through breakfasts, barbecues and socials, including Stuff the Bus and Santa’s Streetcar. 
  • Marcela finds people’s strengths, encourages others to excel and enjoys giving back to the community. She is a kind and genuine person who ensures recognition is always given to the entire team, consults with her colleagues and is always open to new ideas.
  • Matt has demonstrated exemplary leadership during his time as Acting Director of Employee Relations. He has secured additional resources to fill service gaps and has addressed the need for additional office space.
  • He has kept his group motivated with initiatives, including a commendations wall space and has gone above and beyond to provide additional resources for his staff.
  • Matt encourages his employees to develop their skills and provides opportunities for development. He provides a supportive environment where his team is able to share ideas and offers feedback and encouragement.
  • Roy was instrumental in TYSSE training for over 3,600 employees. He went above and beyond to bring together vendors and employees, making TYSSE a great success.
  • His work was directly linked to the extension opening on schedule and co-ordination efforts were completed on much of his own time. Roy was instrumental in saving the project approximately $1.2 million as a result of combining training programs and trainees.
  • Roy was paramount in co-ordinating, scheduling and tracking the TYSSE trainings under tight timelines and is a role model to other employees.
  • Giuseppe is constantly taking on new projects within the Training and Development team. He was instrumental in the “Bus Bypass Lanes” and the “Railway Crossing” instructional videos, which needed to be created in a very short time. 
  • He is the glue that holds the group together and is an excellent communicator with a high level of professionalism and integrity.
  • Giuseppe has helped to create the department’s positive work environment. He is responsible for mentoring and coaching Instructors with the intent of ensuring everyone is accountable through positive reinforcement, compassion and empathy.
  • Nelson’s ability to motivate others to excel was a major factor in achieving the EC&E Customer Charter Commitments for 2017, including the completion of the Coxwell and Woodbine station elevators and second exit.
  • He treats others with respect, dignity and courtesy in his interactions with stakeholders, employees and customers alike.
  • Nelson encourages open discussion and feedback from team members. He engages in TTC social activities (United Way events and team building), is skilled at resolving conflicts and uses humour to reduce tension. He is a dedicated employee who looks out for the best interest of the TTC at all times.
  • Kashif is patient, professional and always ensures that safety comes first. He calmly takes action in challenging situations and is able to communicate effectively with employees.
  • He has a positive attitude, builds morale and motivates others to excel. Kashif has excellent communication skills, contributes to the team’s productivity and ensures the well-being of others.
  • Kashif is always on top of route schedules. He ensures challenges are resolved efficiently, whether dealing with a system or weather related issue, unforeseen events on the roadways or mechanical equipment challenges.
  • Brian is a TTC employee of 37 years who continues to demonstrate strong leadership qualities. He has played a key role in assisting with the opening of TYSSE and provided detailed information packages to ensure Operators were aware of the new stations and routing.
  • He was instrumental ensuring a smooth transition of route changes and customer inquiries by arranging training and site visits.
  • Brian is an active leader in the Honour Guard and has prepared, planned and efficiently executed the New Year’s Eve coverage at Transit Control. He demonstrates professionalism, ethics, integrity, an organizational commitment to the TTC as well as our customers, and is a role model to future Managers.
  • Jasvir co-ordinates with various departments to ensure that service delivery is effectively met during closures. He ensures that all stakeholders are clear on responsibilities and his open communication helps with concerns and questions.
  • He is fair, straightforward, open and sets a high standard for all members of the team, keeping in mind the impact of a closure on the customers.
  • Jasvir has taken the initiative to improve service dispatch and has full support from divisional management. He has helped to strengthen the team by promoting inclusion and has fostered support and cohesion.
  • Michael mentors employees at all levels in their career development. He assists with mock interviews, reviews resumes and provides advice and feedback.
  • He provided support to the 2016 Employee of the Year as his Manager and mentor and he regularly encourages others to pursue their goals.
  • Michael has had numerous employees progress into leadership roles due to his encouragement and assistance in professional development. He has a selfless attitude, a genuine interest in the well-being of his team and demonstrates strong leadership in customer service by responding to customer concerns promptly and with care.
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