Rewards & Recognition Fall 2017

Customer Service Awards

  • When an elderly male passenger collapsed on the bus, Lisa remained calm, notified CIS and EMS and took control of the situation. 
  • Another passenger later told Lisa how she had helped to calm the passengers and how professional she was in handling the situation.
  • Lisa regularly provides top notch customer service and has a positive impact on the people she meets.
  • Donnie noticed a customer who was potentially going to harm himself at Spadina Station. He stayed with him while Toronto Police was called and helped to keep him calm.
  • He potentially prevented a major incident through his excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Donnie has a real drive for his job. He is compassionate and is often seen helping customers with disabilities and strollers at Spadina Station.
  • John goes above and beyond to ensure the management team is supported and all administrative needs are taken care of.
  • He is courteous even during stressful circumstances and often follows up with Operators in person.
  • John advocates for ways to improve Queensway Division. He has helped reduce absenteeism by ensuring communications and expectations are clear and by keeping Operators engaged to boost morale.
  • Paul has received numerous customer service commendations and recognition from colleagues regarding his positive attitude and how he makes customers feel welcome.
  • He goes above and beyond to put people in a good mood as they enter the system, making the TTC a more welcoming place.
  • Paul is unfailingly cheerful and polite, despite the high stress environment at Finch Station during the morning rush hour.
  • Rob sat down, listened to and provided counselling to a youth who had been assaulted and assisted with first aid when the young man declined EMS aid.
  • He cleaned the youth’s wounds and face, offered assistance and listened to his story leading to the youth feeling well enough to continue on his journey.
  • Rob maintains a calm demeanor when dealing with challenging customers, is a PRESTO ambassador by showing people step by step how to use the new machines and also carries his own personal city of Toronto map book to provide detailed directions to customers.
  • Dale has received numerous customer commendations regarding his professionalism and excellent customer service.
  • He has been pointed out by upper management for his clear announcements, has received a SPOT award and was requested for a 24 Hours employee profile interview.
  • Dale is a role model to his colleagues and has a friendly, pleasant attitude. He always comes to work looking professional, arrives on time and is respected by everyone he works with.
  • Divani is courteous and caring towards her customers and answers questions with patience and thoughtfulness.
  • She always makes sure her customers’ commute is positive and enjoyable.
  • Divani leads by example and is a role model to other Operators who follow in her footsteps.
  • Anna consistently delivers excellent customer service by treating all employees with respect and dignity.
  • She ensures retiring employees are able to make their decisions in a comfortable and respectful environment.
  • Anna is a role model to others in her department and provides accurate, timely responses to retiring TTC employees and pensioners.
  • Washington makes work seem effortless through his calm demeanor, his eagerness to help and his interest in providing safe, clean and reliable service.
  • He goes above and beyond to ensure excellent customer service on a daily basis.
  • Washington’s work habits help provide Supervisors the opportunity to focus on long-term planning.

This award recognizes TTC employees who consistently demonstrate exceptional commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering excellent customer service. These individuals display that they clearly understand the diverse customer groups that the TTC serves, and how to most effectively meet their needs. Adjudication Committee: Acting Chief Customer Officer Kirsten Watson, Chief People Officer Gemma Piemontese and Corporate Communications Executive Director Brad Ross

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