Rewards & Recognition Fall 2017

Teamwork Awards

The Fitness for Duty Team

Peter Bartz
Program Lead - Fitness for Duty
Human Resources

Maria Delgado
Program Assistant - Fitness for Duty
Human Resources

Megan MacRae
Executive Director - Human Resources
Human Resources

  • This team put forth extraordinary efforts in implementing the Fitness for Duty program with a shared vision to better the TTC. They helped guide the Executive Committee, Legal team and service providers to effectively carry out the program.
  • They prepared for an injunction in court while working with communications to ensure clear and consistent messaging, resulting in positive public perception
  • The team went above and beyond in delivering trainings and in distributing clear information to stakeholders. The program was successful in lowering and ultimately preventing drug and alcohol incidents to help make a safer workplace, service and city for all.

The One Person Train Operation (OPTO) Team

Vince Alexander
Duty Station Manager - Yonge North Zone

Kent Bayley
Manager - Communications Engineering
Plant Maintenance

Andrew Dixon
Manager - Training - Rail Transportation
Training and Development

David Girodat
Manager - Subway  and SRT Track
Subway Infrastructure

Michael Hazlett
Manager - Transit Control
Subway Transportation

Thampu Joseph
Safety Assurance Engineer
Safety and Environment

Heidi Kikoler
Change Management Consultant
CEO’s Office

Kam Kwok
Chief Vehicle Engineer - Rail
Rail Cars and Shops

Naomi Marubashi
Manager - Training
Training and Development

Scott Mather
Assistant Designer - Track
Subway Infrastructure

Andrew McKinnon
Manager - Safety Engineering Services
Safety and Environment

Matt Pallotta
Divisional Assistant Manager - Wilson Division
Subway Transportation

Roy Park
Manager - Vehicle Maintenance Engineering
Rail Cars And Shops

Meghan Rogers
Manager - Employee Relations
Human Resources

Tyrus Schulzke
Senior Instructor
Training and Development

Amanda Sonier
Subway Operations Safety Manager
Deputy Chief Operating Officer’s Office

Michael Sosedov
Group Station Manager - Yonge North Zone

Deborah Steels
Divisional Manager - Wilson Division
Subway Transportation

William Swanson
Occupational Hygienist
Safety and Environment

David Trimble
Project Manager - Project Office
Plant Maintenance

  • The One Person Train Operation (OPTO) program was developed and successfully implemented through the collaborative efforts of employees working together from various departments.
  • OPTO on Sheppard has operated safely and efficiently since going into service on Oct. 9, 2016 and is in line with the TTC’s Corporate Plan to modernize subway operations.
  • The program has provided an operating budget savings of $941,000/year, while freeing up 13 Operators who can now help with service increases elsewhere in the department.

This award recognizes groups or teams of employees who demonstrate the key elements of successful project work that advances departmental goals or the TTC mission. Teamwork may take place within groups, across groups, or within a department or section. Adjudication Committee: Deputy CEO/Chief Service Officer Rick Leary, Acting Deputy Chief Service Officer Collie Greenwood and Chief of Staff Joan Taylor.

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