Rewards & Recognition Fall 2017

Safety Awards

  • When Janet came across a violent off-property incident while on duty, she sounded her vehicle horn to successfully scare off the assailants.
  • She called Transit Control, then administered first aid to both victims who had been severely injured until EMS arrived.
  • Janet acted professionally and compassionately and followed procedure during a stressful situation.
  • Jose consistently demonstrates leadership in safety and helps to make the TTC a better place to work.
  • In addition to leading several safety projects, he has also taken the initiative to lead a mental health awareness campaign.
  • Jose motivates and inspires others to excel and contributes to his team’s success.
  • Colvin witnessed a violent altercation on his bus between customers. 
  • He remained calm and followed proper procedure to de-escalate the situation without anyone getting hurt.
  • Because of Colvin’s calm demeanor and quick decision making, he ensured the safety of everyone on the bus and the resolution of an otherwise volatile situation.

This award recognizes employees who consistently exemplify commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering a safe public transit service to its customers, while maintaining a safe work environment for its employees. Adjudication Committee: Chief Safety Officer John O’Grady, Chief Capital Officer Susan Reed Tanaka and Acting Chief Operating Officer Mike Palmer.

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