Rewards & Recognition Gala 2018

Leadership Award

Gala Winner

  • Takes the initiative to bring improvement to the workplace, encourages staff to work safely, supports staff by implementing improvements, and communicates with an open, straightforward and calm manner.
  • Demonstrates professionalism, compassion, understanding, excellent work ethics and integrity. For example, he took the initiative to familarize himself with hoist safety literature and did additional research to inform his team on additional training and safety information. 
  • Motivates and inspires others to excel in their career goals, encourages staff to challenge themselves in their career development, and overall has helped the team be more confident.

Congratulations to finalists: Garifalia Akouros, Andrew Dixon and Sanda Stojicic.

This award recognizes employees who model and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities and behaviours. Adjudication Committee: Chief of Staff Joan Taylor, Chief People Officer Gemma Piemontese and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Jim Ross.

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