Rewards and Recognition October 21, 2016 winners

Innovation and Creativity Award

Recognizes TTC employees who have demonstrated an innovative and creative mindset and as a result have brought forward ideas that improve the TTC’s internal systems and processes, operations, team culture, and/or delivery of customer service.

Oscar Souto and Mario Duarte - General Maintenance Carpenter – Plant Maintenance

  • Designed and fabricated a set of brackets to reinforce the hollow aluminum headers that support the door pivots throughout the system and at office building.
  • Prior to this invention there were various safety issues with doors at locations with high air pressure and foot traffic.
  • Benefitted the TTC by saving money on maintenance and has improved customer and employee safety.

Leonard Pearce - Operator – Danforth Division

  • Developed a website for Operators to review crew and run guide information from a home computer or mobile device.
  • Project expanded to include multiple divisions TTC-wide.
  • New program has permitted Operators and Supervisors to check crew guides electronically, saving time by preventing the need to receive information in person.

Dave Porter - Divisional Assistant Manager – Queensway Division

  • Improved the overall business functionality of 10 departments by developing and implementing new data management and reporting modules.
  • The modules have significantly improved the productivity and efficiency of data management, reporting and summarizing, including department KPIs.
  • For Bus Transportation alone, the estimated savings due to the program are of over $100,000 a year.

Luigi Spano - Signal Technician – Subway Infrastructure

  • Recognized there is no place for a red flag at track level, when Impassable Work Zones are used in certain areas of the subway system.
  • This could cause a potentially unsafe situation at track level and put workers at risk if they do not see the Impassable Portable Trip.
  • Recommendation was to affix a flag holder to the Impassable Portable Trip.

Leonardo Volpe - Maintenance Mechanic Millwright – Plant Maintenance

  • Prepared a perforated shelf with holds to catch pieces of material that fall during the cutting of metal, plastic and glass.
  • When materials fall to the bottom of the waterjet machine tank, the materials are lost and need to be separated by a pumper truck.
  • The shelf invention has helped to save labour time and money wasted on materials.

Adjudication Committee

Susan Reed Tanaka – Chief Capital Officer
Mike Palmer – Acting Chief Operating Officer
Brad Ross – Executive Director – Corporate Communications

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