Rewards and Recognition October 21, 2016 winners

Leadership Award

Recognizes employees who model and exhibit outstanding leadership qualities and behaviours.

Ibrahim Bah - Track Welder – Streetcar Way

  • Consistently exceeds work expectations and leads by example among peers.
  • Readily assists with transitioning new employees and has earned respect of peers and Supervisors.
  • Takes initiative to bring improvement by sharing innovative ideas and methods to provide a safe and efficient track network.

Jason Cordeiro - Storeperson – Leslie Barns Warehouse (M&P)

  • Set up a labelling and organizing pilot program at Leslie Barns so parts can easily be tracked and found.
  • Program was so successful it may be implemented TTC-wide.
  • Excellent organizational skills and a self-starter who is always eager to train others on equipment and provide guidance and support.

Ian Ferguson - Supervisor – Signaling and Communications, ATC

  • Leader in organizing ambitious and challenging targets throughout five subway closures in four months.
  • Developed Automatic Train Control plans, co-ordinated participant work and led discussions between staff.
  • Completed installations over target during closures and constantly pushes for the best results possible.

Gerry Gallately - Operator – Wilson-Subway Division

  • Developed a positive change presentation for Wilson Division to address concerns about workplace challenges.
  • Program led to reduced injuries and new standards of professionalism have been set for Operators.
  • Motivated and inspired fellow employees, contributing to a more positive work ethic.

Jennifer Imbrogno - Director – Capital Accounting, Finance

  • Inspires everyone on her team and has created a healthy and friendly work environment.
  • Always welcomes change and improvements, passionate about her work and is detail-oriented.
  • Honest with a positive attitude and clear communications.

Dimaz Ladak - Foreperson – Duncan Shop

  • Motivates, empowers and inspires others in a calm, positive and proactive manner.
  • Focuses on developing and accommodating employees, based on their individual and diverse characteristics.
  • Creates an inclusive culture and makes everyone feel appreciated.

Lynn Middleton - Divisional Assistant Manager – Lakeshore Division

  • Respected by colleagues and superiors for her honesty and integrity and has made many positive changes in her department.
  • Professional, personable and prompt with excellent work ethics.
  • Ensures her work is covered while she is away and is available even after work hours in case of emergency.

Scott Milne - Route Supervisor – Roncesvalles Division

  • Consistently builds relationships with various departments and stakeholders.
  • Well-respected as a mentor, treats others with dignity and respect and helps others to succeed.
  • Instrumental in improving overall customer satisfaction.

Francesco Sisto - Track Mechanic – Streetcar Way

  • Scrutinizes all activities within Hillcrest Yard and oversees all aspects of the track assembly seamlessly.
  • Ensures all involved at the yard are progressing throughout the course of a project.
  • Offers innovative solutions and encourages employees to achieve their goals.

Erin Smith - Co-ordinator – Permits and Approvals, Property, Planning and Development

  • Provides excellent guidance and advice and is always willing to listen and help.
  • Ensures all members of the team are included in discussions and is always patient with others.
  • Instills confidence in others with her positive and professional attitude and leads teams to be efficient and productive.

Aj Spang - Foreperson – Rail Vehicles, Rail Cars and Shops

  • Demonstrates excellent organizational and communications skills.
  • Provides immediate attention to issues and is very dedicated to ensuring each task is complete.
  • Leads without title or authority and motivates others to perform their best.

Adjudication Committee

Vince Rodo – Chief Financial and Administration Officer
Gemma Piemontese – Chief People Officer
Joan Taylor – Chief of Staff

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