Rewards and Recognition October 21, 2016 winners

Safety Award

Recognizes employees who consistently exemplify commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering a safe public transit service to its customers, while maintaining a safe work environment for its employees.

Flobell Asaba Ndesan - Duty Station Manager – Yonge North Zone

  • Initiated, designed, implemented, promoted and presented the Fire Prevention Program.
  • Organized training program for employees at various levels.
  • Implementation of program system-wide has allowed for improved safety to customers and employees.

Alan Dykstra - Operator – Birchmount Division

  • Approached by a young female who boarded bus with a male and whispered that she was not supposed to be with this man and needed help.
  • Pretended to troubleshoot a mechanical issue to keep suspect on bus until police arrived to apprehend suspect.
  • Used his judgment and quick thinking to not draw suspect’s attention and to ensure the safety of the young woman.

Kevin Lee - Head – Commission Services

  • Keen interest and attention to detail allowed him to follow a suspicious person.
  • After spotting the suspect, he followed him and then called in the situation to Transit Control.
  • Police apprehended and arrested the suspect who had committed a sexual assault.

Matt McDonell - Operator – Arrow Road Division

  • Faced with an irate passenger brandishing a knife on the bus.
  • Quickly and safely got all customers off the bus and immobilized the bus with the suspect onboard.
  • Actions saved many customers from an unsafe and potentially harmful and dangerous situation.

Verzh Mikayelyan - Coach Technician – Arrow Road Garage

  • Assisted TTC employees and police with a hijacked bus while off duty.
  • Explained how to open doors and windows from outside and do a battery shut off in order to maintain control of the hijacked bus.
  • Always provides effective and efficient customer service and was able to assist the police in this situation with his technical knowledge to apprehend the hijacker.

Adjudication Committee

John O’Grady – Chief Safety Officer
Susan Reed Tanaka – Chief Capital Officer
Mike Palmer – Acting Chief Operating Officer

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