Rewards & Recognition Spring 2017

Customer Service Awards

  • Called over to Gateway Newsstand while doing repairs at Kipling Station to assist with distraught customer who did not speak English.
  • Through hand gestures, assertained the customer had left his passport, airline tickets, hotel reservations and luggage keys on the Airport Express bus.
  • Called Transit Control and waited with the customer, who was on vacation from another country, until the lost items were found and returned safely.
  • Stopped the 34 Eglinton bus when the front tire of a customer’s wheelchair was punctured while boarding the bus ramp.
  • Helped pull the man up the ramp to board the bus, got permission to transfer all other passengers to another bus and drove the disabled man all the way home.
  • Quick thinking, compassion and genuine empathy for customers provided a safe and dignified solution. He consistently provides customers with professional, courteous and safe service.
  • Many commendations have shown that you always ensure your passengers leave the bus with a positive experience.
  • One recent incident involved him stopping his bus to assist a woman who was beaten on the street.
  • He called for emergency personel and made sure she was safe and out of harms way, all while ensuring his passengers were able to transfer to the bus behind them in order to avoid any delays.
  • Since beginning his employment with the TTC in January 2016, he has already received an incredible 13 commendations.
  • One incident involved him assisting a suicidal customer by calling Transit Control and ensuring medical assistance for the individual.
  • Promotes an exceptional quality of customer service by greeting each and every customer with a smile.
  • Picked up an 85-year-old woman suffering from dementia after 10 p.m. on a cold night in late January.
  • Provided his own jacket to the customer to stay warm on the bus and upon arrival at Downsview Station, Transit Enforcement and Toronto Police were called.
  • Ensured the woman was reunited with her family; the family was extremely grateful for the helping of their relative.
  • Witnessed a mother become separated from her three children while boarding a train at Kennedy.
  • Carefully and calmly approached the distraught children and guided them to safety at the End Terminal Supervisor’s office. Then reunited the mother with her children when she returned to the scene in a state of panic.
  • Has gone above and beyond in various challenging situations, including escalator falls and engaging the emergency stop butting to communicate with personnel.
  • Always accommodates customers’ questions and answers with courtesy and respect.
  • Spotted a distraught elderly woman walking into oncoming bus traffic at Downsview Station and assisted the woman by staying with her for three hours until Toronto Police arrived.
  • Was innovative by using resources, including TTC transfers to attempt to piece together her possible address when even Toronto Police was puzzled.
  • While working in the collector booth at Kennedy station, Josephine was approached by two young men who had been robbed of personal belongings and assaulted off TTC property by five-to-seven males.
  • Advised Transit Control and assisted by providing first-aid supplies and a safe refuge until the arrival of Toronto Police.
  • Purchased TTC tickets with her own money for the two men and ensured they had a safe passage home.
  • Went above and beyond to transition 20 new Operators to a new work location in a timely manner.
  • His actions in scheduling the route familiarization for new Operators helped them know their routes, in turn leading to minimal schedule disruptions to passengers.
  • Performed this job task even though it wasn’t his responsibility in order to help another division that was short staffed and is always professional and pleasant to deal with.
  • While operating the 29 Dufferin bus, she noticed one of her passengers appeared to be in distress.
  • Upon approaching the female customer, she learned the woman had been in a fight with her boyfriend and had no place to go.
  • Concerned for her safety, Jennifer contacted a Toronto Police Officer and made arrangements for the customer to be brought to a safe place.
  • Friendly voice who answers hundreds of calls presented to TTC Switchboard daily.
  • Greets every caller with enthusiasm, a warm greeting, and ensures calls are directed to the proper area.
  • Excellent troubleshooter and very calm during difficult situations, including a caller in distress after witnessing an assault. Gail has helped to rebuild customers’ opinion of the TTC by showing we are an organization that cares about our customers.
  • Demonstrates absolute care for his photo subjects and guarantees the perfect shot is captured while ensuring that even the most apprehensive subjects feel comfortable.
  • Worked on the Streetcar management photo updates and Birchmount Division organization chart and ensured appropriate scheduling and perfection of finished product.
  • Brings life to his photographic work, is the utmost professional at capturing moments that reflect the diversity and modernization of the TTC, and is always positive, pleasant, calm and concise.
  • A hearing-impaired and mute couple got on the 514 Cherry streetcar at 2 a.m. with a note saying, “I turn right down Sumach!”
  • As streetcars aren’t allowed down Cherry Street at this time, George was called as he was supervising, and he had a shuttle bus take them to their destination.
  • He showed initiative, made sure the couple got to their destination safely and showed professionalism and customer service.

This award recognizes TTC employees who consistently demonstrate an exceptional commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering excellent customer service. These individuals display that they clearly understand the diverse customer groups that the TTC serves, and how to most effectively meet their needs. Adjudication Committee: Deputy CEO/Chief Customer Officer Chris Upfold, Chief People Officer Gemma Piemontese and Corporate Communications Executive Director Brad Ross.

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