Rewards & Recognition Spring 2017

Teamwork Awards

  • Lou and Artistidis recognized the potentially hazardous malfunction of an SRT Bonding Assembly due to poor design which had resulted in numerous failures while applying this equipment in the field during training exercises.
  • On their personal time, this team worked together to develop a prototype of a newly modified SRT Bonding Assembly and produced a short video to demonstrate the severity and modification benefits.
  • The team did not simply report the issue, but took it in their own hands to search for and develop a solution that is now standard practice within the TTC and ensures the safety of all workers involved.

This award recognizes groups or teams of employees who demonstrate the key elements of successful project work that advances departmental goals or the TTC mission. Teamwork may take place within groups, across groups, or within a department or section. Adjudication Committee: Chief of Staff Joan Taylor, Chief Service Officer Rick Leary and Acting Chief Customer Officer Kirsten Watson.

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