Rewards & Recognition Spring 2017

Safety Awards

Paul Balen and Thomas Moore - General Maintenance Carpenters, Plant Maintenance

  • Visually impaired customer fell from subway platform to track level at Bloor-Yonge station.
  • Reported incident to Station Supervisor, activated emergency alarm, cut the power and lifted the customer from track level back to platform.
  • He maintained his composure and competence during a stressful situation and his commitment to helping the public.
  • While training Coach Technicians on braking systems, he observed one of the employees was not well and then collapsed a few moments later.
  • Carmelo took immediate action, instructed nearby employees to contact emergency, then performed First Aid/CPR until Paramedics arrived on scene.
  • His quick response and actions to help his colleague were potentially life saving.
  • After arriving at the scene of a serious collision with personal injuries, he called to report the accident then used the bus fire extinguisher to put out a fire that had started.
  • He then attempted to pull the semi-conscious motorist out from the vehicle, putting his own safety at risk to help the victim.
  • His actions likely saved the life of the motorist.
  • The engine compartment of his Wheel-Trans bus suddenly erupted in flames, which ultimately moved into the driver’s area. After finding the flames restricted his access to the radio to make a priority call, he immediately evacuated all customers onboard and notified dispatch.
  • His quick response and attention to training in this type of situation embodies the TTC’s core value of safety.
  • His calm, confident demeanor demonstrated sensitivity and reassurance to his customers.
  • Was travelling along Queen Street, approaching the Don Valley overpass when he noticed a pedestrian standing on the opposite side of the railing trying to turn around.
  • Immediately stopped his streetcar, informed CIS and exited the vehicle to help the pedestrian come down from the railing.
  • Quick actions and awareness potentially saved the life of the pedestrian and helped to avoid trauma to the passengers and other pedestrians.
  • Successfully manages stressful projects under tight timelines, including a project to complete street grating and concrete remediation in downtown Toronto, where he ensured his workers stayed focused and undistracted by external pressures.
  • Committed to open lines of communication with all stakeholders throughout the ups and downs of the project, while maintaining a steady and positive atmosphere for the project team.
  • Exercises excellent insight when responding to issues. For example, he participated in a significant safety incident investigation, and attended meetings outside of work hours.
  • Received a text message about a wanted robbery suspect and picked up a passenger two hours later who fit the description.
  • Contacted Transit Control and was advised to pull over at the next stop to stall for time until Toronto Police arrived on scene.
  • Pretended to be experiencing mechanical problems until 32 Division police arrived seven minutes later, who removed the suspect from the bus and arrested and charged him with theft and failing to comply.
  • Has done the engineering design for the permanently installed Work Area Warning System (WAW) from Kipling to Islington, and Kennedy to Warden.
  • WAW makes it safer for workers at track level, improves track level access, improves track level efficiency, and allows workers safer access to track level during non-revenue hours.
  • Has committed significant time, both personal and professional, to ensure the success of this project.
  • Was servicing a temporary stop on Woodbine when a customer boarded the bus and threatened to shoot the Operator and passengers.
  • Operator remained calm and followed training and policies by taking action and reporting the incident to Transit Control on a yellow emergency communication.
  • Toronto Police attended within minutes and the suspect was apprehended, all thanks to the help of Filip.
  • While working as the crash gate Collector on a Friday afternoon at St Patrick station, a customer pointed out smoke coming from an electrical wall outlet.
  • His quick response and effective decision making prevented harm to customers and TTC employees, and delays due to subway turnbacks.
  • Risked his own safety in order to help others, demonstrating character and bravery.
  • Has been organized and able to respond quickly to all concerns brought to his attention in the Joint Healthy and Safety Committee.
  • Had a safety barrier installed at Kipling to stop students from running across the street in front of traffic and has delivered on his promise to Operators to have Islington Station cleaned of bird droppings, reducing customer exposure to possible bacteria and disease.
  • Actions demonstrate that he promotes a culture of health and safety, and continuously works to resolve any ongoing issues promptly.
  • Was on board supervising a run from St Clair West Station when he heard a loud bang and witnessed a large spark at track level and the train came to a complete stop.
  • He investigated, then noticed the lead car filling with smoke and immediately called Transit Control and moved the customers to safety at the rear of the train.
  • When the situation escalated and flames over three feet high started shooting out of the cover board, he evacuated the train, informed Transit Control and advised the Guard to deploy the end detrainment device in order to ensure the safety of all passengers.
  • Observed a construction trade worker in distress and clutching his chest.
  • Personally assisted the worker down from the scaffolding and after making sure he was safe, and used the pax phone to call in the emergency.
  • The construction worker suffered a ruptured artery and needed immediate surgery. Had it not been for Sheldon’s quick actions, along with EMS and the surgical staff at Sunnybrook hospital, the situation may have been fatal.

Emergency Tunnel Ventilation System Group

Ali Al Baalawy, SCADA Technician
Plant Maintenance
Gjore Apostolov, SCADA Technician
Plant Maintenance
Amrik Bir, Foreperson - Wiring and Service
Plant Maintenance
Wook Hyun Cho, Apprentice - SCADA Technician
Plant Maintenance
Vito Cosentino, Foreperson - Communications
Plant Maintenance
John Currie, Electrician Wiring and Service
Subway Infrastructure
Jody Dickerson, Foreperson - Carpentry
Plant Maintenance
Petrut Dumitriu, Senior Construction Service Contract Inspector
Plant Maintenance
Daniel Emoff, Foreperson - Communications
Plant Maintenance
Carey Gosden, Lead Hand - SCADA Technician
Plant Maintenance
Yohannes Kassa, Leadhand - SCADA Technician
Plant Maintenance
Norbert Koot, Senior Design Engineer - Communication
Plant Maintenance
Theoharis Mantalvanos, Senior Design Engineer - Communication
Plant Maintenance
Andrew Marsh, Manager - Facilities
Plant Maintenance
Bill Pappas, Electrician Wiring and Service
Subway Infrastructure
Zdravko Sko Pavlovic, Manager - Building Equipment
Plant Maintenance
Dave Ramnarine, SCADA Technician
Plant Maintenance
Sarangan Srikanthan, Designer Engineer - Communications
Plant Maintenance
John Sullivan, Supervisor - Equipment Trades
Plant Maintenance
Cesar Ver, SCADA Technician
Plant Maintenance
Marlon Whittick, Foreperson - Communications
Plant Maintenance

  • The team developed an action plan to solve the negative impairment of the emergency tunnel ventilation along the Line 4 Sheppard, as well as Downsview, Finch, York Mills and Spadina stations.
  • This allowed for the reinstatement of Power Control’s ability to remotely operate the sliding subway doors
  • By working as a team, in both the office and the field, they were able to determine the root cause and then come up with a remedial action plan to address the deficiencies found.

This award recognizes employees who consistently exemplify an extraordinary commitment to the TTC’s goal of delivering a safe, public transit service to its customers, while maintaining a safe work environment for its employees. Adjudication Committee: Chief Safety Officer John O’Grady, Chief Capital Officer Susan Reed Tanaka and Chief Operating Officer Mike Palmer.

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